The benefits of using contractors

July 20, 2018
by Melissa Porter

The Office for National Statistics released their latest employment figures earlier this week, which shows that employment records are at an all-time high, meaning that the skills shortage is showing no sign of letting up anytime soon.

This can prove to be quite problematic, especially when trying to grow a business.

However, as the desire for a better work-life balance increases, so does the amount of workers opting to work on a contract basis.

Could contractors really help your business? Here are 5 benefits to using contractors.

Minimal training required

If you’re short on resources and urgently need someone to pitch in on a project with minimal training, a contractor could be exactly what you need. Hiring contractors that have the skills you require will mean a short timeframe to securing someone, and a near immediate solution to fill the hole in your project resource. People who decide to go contracting are typically a highly skilled bunch who are very capable in their specialist field, meaning that you can on-board them with little to no training.

Unable to recruit permanent staff

Whether you’re trying to recruit for a pre-existing role or grow a team, the current employment market can make it incredibly difficult to recruit permanent staff. Since the recruitment process for a permanent member of staff can take quite some time, consider hiring a contractor to ease the workload on the current team whilst you continue to search for the next member of your permanent workforce.

Test the viability of a permanent role

Creating a new role within the business? Hiring a contractor is a great way to ascertain whether the vacancy will be a viable long term appointment or simply a short term solution. If towards the end of the contract you are scratching round to find work for them to do then you can simply not renew the contract, rather than making someone redundant or find them another place in your business.

Combat peak workloads

If your business experiences seasonal surges throughout the year, or you win a big project you need to fulfil, then a contractor could be the way to go. This way, you can make sure you have the manpower to deliver, whilst not putting excess strain on your current team and risk mistakes, plus you won’t end up paying for a surplus of staff who have nothing to do when the busy period ends.

Less hassle and paperwork

Whilst it’s true that a contractor may work out more expensive per day, there are a number of benefits for employers and less responsibility to take care of. With a contractor you don’t have to pay their tax, national insurance, or pension as they look after this themselves, putting less strain and responsibility on your company and team to facilitate.


If you’re considering taking on contractors for your business, TEC Partners offer contract and permanent solutions for a variety of technical roles.

Consult with our team today to find out which solution is best for your needs. Click here to contact your nearest office, and if you’re looking for a contract role, click here to view our latest vacancies.


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