Reading Welcomes Ilya Andre!

September 17, 2019
by Melissa Porter

So far this month we have welcomed three new starters to our business, and now, we have a fourth addition to the team: Ilya Andre!

Ilya joins Mark Beer’s team in Reading and will be focusing on recruiting for the Python market across London.

Originally from Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Ilya comes from a Russian family and relocated to England when he was 5.

After leaving school, Ilya went straight into the working world where he went from a Marketing Agent to Marketing Manager for a company in Guildford. In 2016, Ilya made the transition to IT Recruitment as he thrives within a sales environment and was looking for a new challenge.

After 3 years, Ilya now joins the expanding Development team in our Reading office and is excited by the potential to further his recruitment career as the business continues to grow.

Outside of work, Ilya loves travelling, eating, drawing, and enjoys leisurely bike rides. He also loves a cheesy joke or two: “What’s big, white and can’t climb a tree? A fridge!”

About Ilya:

  • Likes: Food, art, and travelling
  • Dislikes: Spiders, small talk, and conforming
  • A random fact about Ilya: “I’ve reversed into a tonne of walls, poles, and bins.”

Luckily, Ilya is much more talented at recruitment than he is at reversing, so to find out what Python vacancies are currently available across London or to find out how Ilya could help you grow your development teams, contact him today on or call 01491 411020.

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