New month, new starters!

September 4, 2019
by Melissa Porter
Ben Flatt, Lewis Rae, and Sophie Pulford, our three new starters to TEC Partners

Hello, September! The summer holidays are drawing to a close, autumn officially starts this month, and speaking of new starts, we are excited to introduce our three new starters to the business: Ben Flatt, Lewis Rae, and Sophie Pulford!

Lewis will be working alongside our Emerging Technology team in Reading, whilst Ben and Sophie have joined us in Norwich working in Engineering and Cambridge Development respectively.

We asked them some questions on their first day to help us get to know them a little bit better:

Tell us a little bit about you:
Ben: I’m originally from Norfolk but spent the majority of my adult life working in China where I taught English and managed a successful training school for four years.
Lewis: I have lived in High Wycombe for the past 2 years having done Internal Recruitment and IT Recruitment and now I’m back with a bang where I have grown up, taking the next step in my career.
Sophie: I’m originally from North Norfolk and moved to Norwich 5 years ago. I started my career in retail before moving across to real estate, but after having climbed the ranks, I’m ready for a new challenge!

Tell us about your career to date:
Ben: I started working in Recruitment in October 2016 focusing on running a busy desk for the Automotive sector. I’ve now joined TEC Partners and made the transition into Engineering as I feel it’s an exciting sector to be part of and will offer me a fresh new challenge.
Sophie: I took a gap year after finishing college and was offered a job as a Visual Merchandiser for a global retail company travelling around the UK and training people from all over the world! I realised after a few years that I was destined for a career in sales and made the transition into real estate where I have been for the past 3.5 years.
Lewis: I left college to pursue a career in recruitment and began my career as an IT Recruitment Apprentice before moving into an internal recruitment role within telecoms.

What was your childhood dream job?
Sophie: As a child, my dream job was to be a vet! I never ended up going down this route but my love for animals is something I will never lose.
Lewis: Oh, as I kid, I always wanted to be a street dancer!!
Ben: My dream job as a kid was to become a stockbroker but I decided to go for the next best thing, recruitment!

Why did you want to get into recruitment?
Lewis: I’ve always had the energy and personality to get into sales and my family and friends recommended I get into recruitment. My mum was also a successful recruiter before she had me, so I thought let’s take it on for mum and do her proud!
Ben: I enjoy maintaining and building relationships with both clients and candidates and the buzz of making placements and getting someone their perfect job.
Sophie: After I had gone as far as I could during my time in real estate, I knew some people that had worked in recruitment and thought it would be a great fit for me and something I could see myself doing for years to come!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Ben: Outside of work I enjoy travelling, seeing new places and cultures and was fortunate enough to do a 5000-mile road trip across the United States which was a life-changing experience.
Sophie: I’m a keen baker with a sweet tooth, so this hobby is perfect for me! I also like trying new restaurants, new foods… basically I like eating!!! I enjoy spending time with friends, travelling, and I love spending time cosied up in front of the fire on with my pets at home – the perfect way to spend the cooler months!
Lewis: I’ve recently taken up boxing so I am training for my first fight which will be in aid of charity. I also enjoy cars, socialising, dancing, and I love shoes!

Tell us a random fact about you
Sophie: I have a weird fascination and obsession with crime documentaries and would love to somehow interview people in prison just like Piers Morgan!
Lewis: I have never been stung by a wasp before (touch wood!)
Ben: I can speak and write Mandarin Chinese – 我很高兴认识你

What desk will you be covering?
Ben: I’ll be covering Engineering across Suffolk and Essex. My email address is or you can call the office on 01603 629499.
Lewis: I’ve just joined the Emerging Tech team in Reading and will be focusing on UX/UI, mobile, and front-end technologies. You can contact me on 01491 411020 or email
Sophie: I’m going to be recruiting for the Cambridge region with a focus on Software Development. My email address is or you can contact me on 01223 491414.

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